Global Traceability

Leverage Big Data

Leverage Big Data

Manufacturers need a way to consolidate data from their own disparate manufacturing, quality and warehousing systems, as well as external sources throughout the supply and distribution of products.

DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability consolidates detailed product, genealogy and event data from multiple plants and systems into a single, global repository. Combined with a global manufacturing platform that utilizes native Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, Global Traceability provides a flexible and adaptive application that can fit into any IT environment.

Global Track and Trace Initiatives

Manufacturers must closely track production processes both within and beyond the four walls of the factory. DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability provides a powerful framework to visualize and monitor detailed product genealogy and traceability data to proactively ensure compliance and protect the brand.

A coordinated, collaborative response to any quality issue can minimize immediate impact, as well as accelerate responsiveness to reduce risk of “escapes”. Data provided by DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability is an ideal foundation for cross site process benchmarking, predictive analysis and continuous improvement or planning systems.

Global Traceability key benefits:

  • Store data in a global repository
  • Faster root cause analysis
  • Accelerate time to deployment

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