Global Process Manager

Manage Manufaturing Excellence

Define Best Practices Locally, Deploy Globally

The DELMIA Apriso Global Process Manager gives you the power to manage and control manufacturing excellence on a global scale. Leading manufacturers are using this application to implement standardized manufacturing processes and manage best-practices globally to continuously improve responsiveness to changing market conditions, quality demands and supplier constraints.

DELMIA Apriso Global Process Manager easily shares processes developed in DELMIA Apriso with all plants, extending the value across the enterprise.

Meet Industry-Specific Requirements

Business processes can be governed more effectively and efficiently through paperless work instructions, with audit trails to meet regulatory requirements for your specific industry. Global Process Manager helps to consolidate and maintain a history of “as-built,” “as-deployed” and “as-maintained” data from each operation center and logistics operation, providing electronic revision control and approval while supporting the global deployment of best practices.

The system takes full advantage of DELMIA Apriso’s language and time zone globalization features while integrating with third-party PLM/PDM systems, helping to compare “as-designed” instructions with “as-built” for continuous process and design improvement.

Global Process Manager key benefits:

  • Effective governing of business processes
  • Improved responsiveness to changing conditions
  • Third-party PLM/PDM system integration

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