Global Containment Manager

Rapid Response to Quality Issues

Protect Your Brand

DELMIA Apriso Global Containment Manager provides full control of rapid response to quality issues on a global basis by helping to identify and contain suspect parts until an investigation is conducted and a corrective action is taken. This is an essential element to avoid catastrophe.

As a key element of your quality improvement strategy and overall quality management system, DELMIA Apriso Global Containment Manager serves first and foremost to help protect your brand and improve customer satisfaction.

Prevent Costly Quality Escapes

DELMIA Apriso Global Containment Manager makes your organization more proactive and responsive when dealing with quality escapes globally, thereby reducing the incidence of product recalls or quality non-conformance events. And, in regulated industries, it helps drive down the cost of maintaining regulatory compliance by centralizing product traceability and genealogy data, including tracking quality containment activities, which are immediately available in case of an audit.

DELMIA Apriso Global Containment Manager forms a core element of any organization’s overall quality system, whether a problem occurs in their own manufacturing processes or originates from one of their suppliers.

Global Containment Manager key benefits:

  • Prevent costly quality escapes
  • Detailed visualization of quality issues
  • Help manage containment activities