Containment Management

Risk Reduction and Fast Response

Reduce Risk and Impact

When a quality problem is discovered, you need to act swiftly to contain the issue and prevent a “spill” or quality “escape.” DELMIA Apriso Containment Manager puts you in full control of responding to and containing a quality non-conformance rapidly and effectively to prevent nonconforming product from escaping operations, entering distribution channels or reaching customers.

Containment management can be a critical element to help address regulatory compliance requirements, resulting in improved product quality to achieve and sustain manufacturing operations excellence.

Failed Component or Non-Conformance Quality Event

DELMIA Apriso Containment Manager lets you hold and contain suspects from raw materials through Work-in-Process (WIP) or finished goods, regardless of where they are in your operations. Interlocking traceability identifies exactly what products, components or production processes are affected to suspend further activity, preventing the problem from widening. A graphical user interface allows monitoring of the full quality containment process until final resolution of the issue.

Containment Manager key benefits:

  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces risk to brand
  • Minimizes production and customer disruptions

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