Business Integrator

Leverage Web Services

Leverage Service Oriented Architecture

DELMIA Apriso Business Integrator enables synchronized manufacturing operations by providing built-in links for seamless integration between DELMIA Apriso applications and third-party, external business systems. Leverage Apriso’s Service Oriented Architecture to easily integrate your shop floor with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and other enterprise systems by SAP, Oracle and others.

DELMIA Apriso Business Integrator allows seamless coordination between these applications to avoid duplication of effort to maintain this data and to remove ambiguity about its ownership.

Connect Enterprise Systems with Manufacturing Operations

DELMIA Apriso “explodes” information provided by the planning system into specific operator steps that are then delivered to the appropriate workstations and other departments as needed. Operators confirm completion of each step, at which point the data is rolled back into the planning system to close the loop, in near real-time or daily batch mode, depending on the user’s requirements.

By tightly coordinating enterprise and production systems, DELMIA Apriso Business Integrator enhances both real-time operations and process lifecycle management to synchronize manufacturing operations across your global enterprise for sustained manufacturing excellence.

Business Integrator key benefits:

  • Enable synchronized manufacturing operations
  • Integrates shop floor with enterprise systems
  • Seamless coordination between applications

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