Concept Building Designer – BDG

A comprehensive set of conceptual design applications to model and present a building project.



The CATIA Concept Building Designer role enables design architects to quickly develop conceptual building information models and evaluate design decisions for a project of any size, scale or level of complexity. A powerful suite of conceptual 3D design applications enables an architectural designer to unleash their creativity. The Concept Building Designer role enables large teams to collaborate around a unified Building Information Model (BIM).

Harnessing the powerful CATIA subdivision surface modeling features of Imagine and Shape along with the tailor made Building Space Planning and Building Structures applications, the Concept Building Designer is a complete package for conceptual building design. With Live Rendering, designers can also create photo-realistic renderings of their projects for marketing and design review sessions. All standard parametric building components are fully compliant with industry standards (IFC) and link directly to higher Level of Detail building components created with the Architectural Detail Designer role.


Key Benefits

  • Create low and mid-Level of Detail (LOD 300) Building Information Models (BIM), fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)
  • Extensive scalability for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity
  • Model quickly with an out-of-the-box standard set of generic building components
  • Achieve design clarity and avoid ambiguity by modeling the entire building with custom or generic templates
  • Author building information models with the worlds most robust Product Lifecycle Management platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform