Composites Simulation Engineer – SCI – Extension


A Simulation Extension Role for Analysts who validate the structural integrity of products made of composite materials by directly reusing composite properties defined by the designer




Composite Simulation Engineer allows to easily reuse composite layups defined with CATIA Composite Design tool in advanced simulations. Fully integrated with both the Simulation environment and the Composite parts Design & Manufacturing tools of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, Composite Simulation Engineer extends the SIMULIA V+R Physics Apps to deliver a unique solution enabling users to collaborate, simulate, and impact composite design processes from preliminary design to validation runs.



  • Seamless integration with CATIA Composite tools
  • Associativity with design allows quick iterations on the composite layup during the Preliminary Design stage (grid-based design, virtual stacking)
  • Dedicated tools allowing composite simulation experts to run complex non-linear simulations within the fully immersive, intuitive, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.