Composites Forming Designer – CFR

The “Composites Forming Designer” role accelerates the development of Composites parts made using a forming process.



This role provides a quick assessment of the manufacturability of composites parts made using forming processes typically utilizing rigid dies, grippers and/or flexible diaphragms.

The producibility simulation helps the designer improve the manufacturability of the part by showing the effect of geometrical features and material parameters, thus reducing the need for costly prototypes and minimizing iterations with the shop floor.


Key Benefits

  • Accelerates the development of Composites parts made by forming by validating the manufacturing process of parametrized and associative parts editable with GSD tools
  • Usable by designers new to composites by automating simulations and predicting composite material behavior during manufacture
  • Highlights geometrical features leading to manufacturing problems like wrinkling
  • Supports multiple material types to facilitate comparison
  • Provides unmatched integration with downstream structural analysis
  • Fully integrated in 3DEXPERIENCE, providing an extremely efficient workflow for part improvement