Class A Expert – FFX – Extension

The Class-A Modeler role offers a surface refinement modeling application that increases the level of quality of shapes created with the Generative Shape Design application.

CATIA users will directly benefit from these new applications and tools for many challenges across all industries. From the styling or perceived quality of products which require high surface quality, to complex surfaces for lofting in aerospace or wind turbine blade design in energy, Freeform Shape Design helps and enables CATIA users to reach the next level of surface quality and sophistication.



An add-on role which enriches the Class-A Modeler role with an additional set of advanced tools for transportation design:

  • Creative Subdivision Surface Modeling tools
  • Technical Surface Modeling tools
  • Advanced Explicit surface Modeling
  • Analysis & Control tools for Engineering
  • Global Deformation Solution
  • Dedicated features for shape quality conversion and improvement