Cabletray 3D Systems Designer – RWD – Extension

The Cabletray 3D Systems Designer role enables the intelligent design and placement of electrical cable trays, for the routing of electrical cables in context of the full physical mockup. It enables the user to use specification and rule based designs of cabletray parts and pathways taking into account industry and company standards. It also allows the usage of part catalogs according to project and company specific preference.  Detailed manufacturing drawings and reports can be derived from the physical design

Note:  Cabletray 3D Systems Designer role is also included with the Electrical 3D Systems Designer (ELG) role.



Integrated 3D electrical cabletray development environment for the physical design of cable trays in the context of the full Digital Mock-Up

  • 3D routing and  detailed design of cabletray systems
  • Standard & rule based approach
  • Advanced network modification
  • Flexible report generation
  • Integrated design validation
  • Drawing extraction and isometrics