Building Structure Designer – STV

A comprehensive set of applications to design detailed building structures for construction.



The Building Structures Designer role enables structural design engineers to manage and execute all phases of a project from design to fabrication within a single platform. It is a powerful suite of 3D applications that increase design speed, developed specifically to create structural Building Information Models (BIM).

The Building Structures Designer on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform delivers a truly collaborative design environment where architects, engineers, planners, consultants and building owners can work together to realize a building project.

By harnessing the powerful and intuitive conceptual building structures design application along with Terrain Preparation and a robust detailed concrete rebar design application, users can generate parametric structural models from catalogs of standard industry members and virtually assemble the building in its entirety before construction begins.


Key Benefits

  • Create Level of Development (LOD) 450 Building Information Models (BIM), fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)
  • Extensive scalability for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity
  • Skip tedious workflows by fabricating building components directly from the 3D design model
  • Achieve design clarity and avoid ambiguity by modeling the entire building with custom or generic templates
  • Author building information models with the worlds most robust Product Lifecycle Management platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform