Building and Civil Coordinator – BIM

A powerful set of applications to review and collaborate around a construction project.



The Building and Civil Coordinator role enables all stakeholders of a building project to manage and coordinate all phases of a construction project from design to fabrication within a single platform. It is a powerful suite of applications that enable collaboration across different building trades, developed specifically to manage Building Information Models (BIM).

The Building and Civil Coordinator on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform delivers a truly collaborative environment where architects, engineers, planners, consultants and building owners can work together to realize a building project.

Managing large models compliant with industry standards (IFC), the Building and Civil Coordinator can handle truly massive amounts of data and building information. This role will put the power of collaboration in the hands of construction professionals who do not necessarily need to author models but still need to manage them.


Key Benefits

  • Coordinate high Level of Development (LOD) 450 Building Information Models (BIM), compliant with industry standards (IFC)
  • Extensive scalability for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity
  • Achieve design clarity and avoid ambiguity by viewing the entire building with the design and construction team
  • Coordinate building information models with the worlds most robust Product Lifecycle Management platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform