Body in White Designer – BWE

Body in white design teams need to quickly create or modify a car body in an associative styling and engineering context, taking into account the manufacturability of the created body. CATIA Body in White Design Engineering is an advanced product that uses unique skilled features to boost body in white design phase productivity.

CATIA extends its unique functional modeling technology to surfacing for the Body-in-White community. Functional modeling capability enables users to focus on and capture their design intent, by freeing themselves from the sequence in which they model and by associating behaviors with design features, thereby decreasing design complexity. It also brings greater flexibility to evaluate multiple design variations in a short time frame

These powerful tools allow body in white design teams to quickly create or modify a car body in an associative styling and engineering context.



Delivers highly productive capabilities to accelerate the Automotive Body In White design process.

  • Upfront Manufacturing Process information included from Design phase: Tolerance, Fasteners, Manufacturability rules
  • Unified Fasteners Definition from design to manufacturing through simulation
  • Best practices and standardization thanks knowledge-based template management shared within the designers’ community



Collaborative Innovation (CNV) and Collaborative Sharing (PCS)


Included Apps

  • CATIA Generative Shape Morphing
  • CATIA Virtual to Real Shape Morphing
  • CATIA Digitized Shape Preparation
  • CATIA Automotive Body In White Design
  • CATIA Functional Shape Design
  • CATIA Fastening
  • CATIA 3D Annotation Insight
  • CATIA Generative Shape Design
  • CATIA FreeStyle Shape Analysis
  • CATIA Generative Shape Develop
  • CATIA Natural Shape
  • CATIA Natural Assembly
  • CATIA Bent Part Design
  • CATIA Assembly Design
  • CATIA Mechanical Systems Design
  • CATIA Part Design
  • CATIA Functional Part Design
  • CATIA Drafting
  • CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design
  • CATIA 3D Templates Capture
  • CATIA Engineering Templates Reuse
  • CATIA Know-how Reuse
  • SIMULIA Material Definition
  • CATIA Product Structure Design
  • CATIA Weight Analysis
  • CATIA 3D Printing
  • Converter for IGES
  • Converter for STEP
  • CATIA Engineering IP Control
  • ENOVIA Design Review
  • ENOVIA Interference Check
  • ENOVIA Interference Finder