Architecture Detail Designer – ADL

This role allows to:

  1. Organize data in a product structure using dedicated industry types,
  2. Capture Building Information Model, allow import export in Industry standard (IFC),
  3. Geolocate your Building,
  4. Connected on the cloud and built for collaboration,
  5. Manage reuse of component and design techniques.



Architectural Detail Designer allows full definition of your construction project. The broad-based collaborative framework enables commercial architects, planners, and clients to make the building real before it’s built.

  • 3D modeling
    • User can design any geometry, in solid and surface,
    • Get a very accurate 3D fully parametric with CATIA native geometry,
    • Generative 2D drawings,
    • 2D layout for 3D design,
    • Normal and Large Range,
    • Design Review,
    • Interference checking,
    • Sheet metal,
  • Architecture oriented
    • AEC types,
    • Geolocation,
  • Use of standards and format
    • Export BIM model in IFC standard