3D Product Architect – PAU


3D Product Architect enables visualization, exploration and digital mock-up of multi-CAD product structures within a web-browser



3D Product Architect enables users to create or modify MultiCAD product structures without the use of design tools. Overall, being able to digitally mockup proposed changes via the web ultimately reduces design iterations and makes review available to many more people in the product development process.


Key Benefits

Connect on Any Device, Anywhere
3D Product Architect is cloud ready or on premise which means connecting the product development process is a WiFi connection away for anyone involved in the product development process.

Digital Mockup via the Web
In the virtual product development environment many people are not CAD users but do have the need to change the product to fit requirements. Product changes via the web give full capabilities to mockup what the proposed product will be without the use CAD.

MultiCAD Structure Mockup in a Single Context
Products have multiple systems, designed by multiple sources, using multiple tools, making it difficult to understand the complete context of product. 3D Product Architect can mockup multiple design systems into a single context providing the full visibility to product changes via the web.

Extend existing products through configurability
3DProduct Architect leverages product configuration which extends existing design by applying variants to product designs. Variability in product designs supports the demand for tailored products.