Revolutionize Content Creation with 3DVIA Composer

3DVIA Composer is an easy to use desktop application for content creation. 3DVIA Composer has transformed the way companies create, update and distribute downstream documentation. This easy to learn and intuitive tool allows organizations to leverage their existing 3D CAD data to develop more impactful product deliverables such as product documentation, technical illustrations, animated maintenance instructions, assembly instructions along with many other use cases. The entire enterprise can benefit from content created by 3DVIA Composer as it dramatically reduces the creation time for the traditionally paper based content while providing a platform for creating rich, interactive documentation. Also, as all of this content is created, it’s kept up to date and in sync with the always evolving product design changes!


Enhanced Product Documentation

Using a lightweight XML architecture, 3DVIA Composer allows non-technical users to create product deliverables directly from their organization’s existing CAD data. By leveraging the power of this 3D data, manufacturers can create technical product communications that engage viewers more effectively to clearly explain complex information.

Companies no longer need to rely on conventional workflows that require engineers to provide exploded views, annotations, or vector line images to support product documentation creation. All of these elements can be produced directly in 3DVIA composer right out of the box.

Since 3DVIA Composer is a XML-based architecture it easily integrates with any enterprise system, including product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

3DVIA Composer 1

Automate Manufacturing and Assembly Instructions

3DVIA Composer helps manufacturers create non-textual, 3D manufacturing and assembly work instructions that are more universally understood. By communicating visually, the use of text can be avoided for trying to communicate complex instructions. Technical details are better understood and language barriers are more effectively overcome, thus reducing printing and translations costs.

3DVIA Composer 2

3D Interactive Content and Web Based Catalogs

3DVIA Composers allows companies to change to a 3D-based catalog solution, in turn manufacturers can offer customers a more intuitive way to identify parts. Lightweight 3D models of full assemblies can be easily exploded and inspected for enhanced ordering accuracy. Not only are you able to create easy to navigate customer catalogs, they can also be kept up to date to reflect the latest products.

3DVIA Composer has the ability to publish to HTML format, allowing companies to include interactive 3D content on their website. Along with HTML format, it is an ideal complement to existing content deliverables tools such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF or can be viewed in a free, lightweight player.


What’s new and improved in 3DVIA Composer 2014x?

Windows 8 & Multi-Touch Support!
Users now have the ability to use Windows 8 tablets that lets them experience 3DVIA Composer right their fingertips.

3DVIA Composer 5

  • Viewport – Zoom Factor Property
    This new property controls the camera height of the main window (viewport). Allowing users to work with the same scale, in different views.


  • Polyline – Back and Front Line
    You can now manage the border of the polyline back-line, including color, width, opacity and type.

3DVIA Composer 6

  • Enhanced support for Functional Tolerancing & Annotations (FT&A)
  • SolidWorks 2014 Support
  • Composer Player GUI Customization
    The free player can now be customized to keep user preferences after close and re-open.

3DVIA Composer 7