Resilient Manufacturing Execution

Resilient Manufacturing Execution

Modernize the shop floor with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solution

Manufacturers looking to capitalize on opportunities presented by disruptions must forego isolated, inflexible solutions in favor of a connected, scalable and sustainable platform approach to manufacturing execution and digitally transform shop floor operations. For this, you need a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution.

The DELMIA MOM suite offers a solution for global manufacturing operations management. Basically, by digitalizing the entire manufacturing process—from design to build to support—our comprehensive MOM solutions enable manufacturers to control and synchronize their operations as a global, best-in-class enterprise. With an emphasis on business process management, unique global management capabilities, and robust data collection from any IIoT device, our solution supports multiple manufacturing models from discrete to process and is scalable from the largest of factories to small, niche manufacturers.

MOM goes beyond traditional manufacturing execution systems (MES) to include capabilities in quality, warehousing and logistics, time & labor, and equipment maintenance.

When powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, DELMIA MOM creates a foundation for digital transformation. This transformation is unified, flexible, accessible, and secure. Also, it supplies real-time availability to critical manufacturing data for responsive decision-making. Therefore, having a strong MOM environment on the shop floor is at the heart of digital transformation. This is where the enterprise’s product, business, and operational functions intersect and where a solid digital platform is needed most.

Implementing MOM with DELMIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows manufacturers to:

  • Build on a business process foundation to increase responsiveness to change to support new manufacturing strategies such as on-shoring
  • Maintain process consistency and quality standards
  • Democratize data to improve visibility and enhance performance
  • Centrally manage business processes and flexibly deploy them on a global scale
  • Incorporate critical complementary technologies to further enhance manufacturing execution

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  • Key cross-industry trends & challenges in manufacturing and operations today
  • The value of MOM in addressing these challenges and trends, and in building operational resiliency
  • The advantages of a well-formed MOM strategy and critical considerations on the path to transformation


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