Quieter Aircraft, Less Airport Noise, Better Community Relations

Aircraft Community Noise

Aircraft Noise has Become an Unwanted Part of Life Near Airports

Protests against aircraft noise have led to flight restrictions at major airports. Many airports now limit the number of flights, operating hours, and allowed aircraft types. At many airports, quieter aircraft are preferred, and receive benefits such as increased slots and reduced landing fees. As a result, engineers must consider aircraft noise from the earliest stages of design and assess its impact on real communities.

To win deals with airlines flying restricted routes, aircraft designers must consider the experience of both passengers on board and people on the ground. Simulation allows engineers to calculate noise levels around the aircraft without committing to mechanical prototypes and test flights. It can also exactly determine where the noise is coming from and compare different options for noise mitigation. Considering noise reduction earlier in the design process integrates acoustic performance as a key design element, rather than an afterthought.

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Efficiently Reduce Aircraft Noise to Meet Acoustic Certification

SIMULIA Fluid and Aircraft Community Noise Solutions

Working with virtual aircraft enables digital design and analysis loops in weeks, significantly reducing labor and hardware costs. These analysis would have taken months or years required for traditional wind tunnel and flight tests. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and SIMULIA fluids solutions, noise targets and performance can be calculated on a digital level, years before physical prototypes become available, so certification requirements can be met early in the design phase to reduce risk during flight testing.

Simulation users also gain deeper insights into noise generation mechanisms and develop noise reduction concepts. Informed by the virtual model, customers have managed to reduce community noise (EPNL) by 3 dB (equivalent to halving the rating on the Quota Count scale) through noise reduction concepts and integrated system design. SIMULIA’s aircraft community noise solution helps aircraft designers meet certification requirements and airport noise targets, giving them a competitive edge in the aviation market.

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