Performance-Driven Project Management With PLM Analytics

Like most business disciplines, project management relies primarily on past performance to predict future results. With Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) a vast amount of data is collected to help evaluate performance. But project managers still lack useful analysis and forward-looking capabilities to predict and ensure project success.

Enhancing project management with analytics creates project intelligence, offering the opportunity to shift from a task-based activity to a performance-driven one. More broadly, it allows companies to significantly extend the value of their PLM investment and related data by using analytics to provide actionable insights that improve business performance.



The 3DEXPERIENCE platform with deliverables-based Project Management and PLM Analytics provides crucial capabilities to allow companies to:

  • Dashboard it. Consolidate information and make data visually compelling, for example color-coding, flagging, heat maps, spider diagrams, dependency wheels, gap-to-target analyses, etc.
  • Make analytics “drillable”. Don’t disconnect the insights from the actions needed to investigate and address them! The next step for further analysis or action should be at your fingertips.
  • Ensure current data. Move toward real-time information and don’t rely on data exported at some previous time. Decisions on outdated data are bad decisions.
  • Tap multiple sources. Valuable data comes from different sources, internally and externally. It should be easy to connect to various data sources, even if they’re not well organized. Mashing up information frequently leads to real learning.
  • Make insights visually contextual. Overlay information in 3D context, in a digital mockup, leveraging the 3D models, making analytics come to life in the design.
  • Offer self-service. Let decision-makers explore on their own without having to submit and wait on an IT request. Give them the ability to take iterative approaches to gaining insight, to enable “what-ifs” and exploration to aid creative problem-solving.
  • Ensure security. Don’t forget the importance of access control. 3DEXPERIENCE platform data retains its security and access control in PLM analytics.

Download the flyer here