Optimize Satellite Lifecycle from Mission Engineering to Deorbit

How a digitalized satellite lifecycle enables first-time-right launch into orbit

To launch first-time-right satellites into orbit, you need to make optimized decisions at each development phase. It’s possible with digitalization that supports effective collaboration, innovation and program execution.

Our infographic “The Optimized Journey of Space Access” shows you how digitalization can enable all of this along the satellite lifecycle, including:

  • Optimized program set-up with integrated systems for launch, satellite orbit and ground operations
  • Shortened development time and reduced costs with virtual testing
  • Sustainability-focused processes that reuse launch assets and limit space debris

Click below to view and download infographic:

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Accelerate your product lifecycle from concept to orbit and gain competitive advantages. Design, prototype and validate New Space innovations using the Dassault Systèmes Reinvent The Sky industry solution experience.

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