Managing your SolidWorks data and more, with 3DEXPERIENCE

Whether you’re looking for a CAD data vaulting solution, or a complete Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can help your organization.


Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offer multi-CAD data management as well as a full suite of additional functionality supporting business processes across your organization. Additional capabilities and processes available include: Bill-of-Material management (engineering and manufacturing), change management, program management, quality process compliance (NCR and CAPA), requirements management and more.

In this article we’ll focus on the SolidWorks CAD integration and show how you can later expand your implementation to realize a more complete PLM vision. In fact, many of Inceptra’s customers start with a limited scope of CAD data management. Once you have your data successfully under control, it is a natural progression to then move into BOM/change management, program management and other extended processes.

SolidWorks Connector

Gaining better control of your CAD data is often a high priority due to the challenges around CAD links, multiple revisions and collaborative scenarios between users. The ENOVIA SolidWorks connector interface is intuitive and allows the CAD user to interact with the data management system directly from the CAD system, a familiar interface.



SolidWorks Connector Features



If your organization is currently evaluating Product Data Management (PDM) or PLM systems then 3DEXPERIENCE should be on your list for several reasons.

  • 3DEXPERIENCE can be rolled out in a limited fashion to meet all of your current PDM needs, while also offering you a path to additional PLM functionality. Future-proof your investment.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE is Dassault Systèmes flagship collaboration platform, with many R&D dollars being invested into making it the premier PLM system available.
    Available multi-CAD connectors to all of the major CAD systems.
  • Developed by the same team as the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM integration, which means a solid and proven platform is available.

Completing the PLM Vision

As most companies’ processes mature, and basic PDM needs have been met, they begin to look at how to leverage their CAD data and existing systems even further. We’ve found the most common next steps are engineering BOM management, formal change processes, program management, and requirements management, although many other processes are available.

ENOVIA Processes Available


Below is a sample of some additional functionality, however this is a very limited subset of what 3DEXPERIENCE provides. Inceptra would be happy to show you any of the 3DEXPERIENCE business process apps and CAD integrations in much more detail if desired.




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Article compiled by James Carr
Senior Application Engineer