High-Tech Accelerated Device Industry Solution Experience

To conquer the high-tech market and stay ahead of their competition, companies need to rapidly get their products to market, to scale, and to diversify—all while staying agile and adaptive to market dynamics.  The Accelerated Device Industry Solution Experience powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is specifically tailored for these mid-market High-Tech innovators.

Accelerated Device Industry Solution Experience Helps High-Tech Innovators:

Capture and enforce the voice of the customer

To stay competitive, High-Tech innovators need to continuously capture and enforce customer, regulatory, and market-driven standards and requirements. Accelerated Requirement Management provides a shared environment, unified requirements management, and unified traceability to ensure requirements are captured, managed, understood, and fulfilled throughout the design, implementation, and testing of final products.

Provide invisible governance across agile operations

While cycle time is one of the most critical success factors today, more than 30% of engineering time is spent on nonvalue-added activities. Accelerated Project Management enables Deliverable-based Project Management that connects business and engineering assets for maximum productivity. Keeping projects on track, the unified architecture provides real-time dashboards for schedules, milestones, resources, costs from work-in-progress data

Effectively integrate the value chain

To achieve momentum and economies-of-scale, High-Tech innovators need to fortify their “manufacture-anywhere” strategies with efficient engineering data exchange mechanisms, all while securing corporate IP. Accelerated Supplier Collaboration enables error-free, online exchange of structured data across the value chain which connects design, engineering, manufacturing, and partners to save time by maximizing concurrent engineering.


  • Orchestrate electronics and mechanical engineering
  • Unify product definition across the innovation chain
  • Reduce time-to-market with unified multi-disciplinary engineering collaboration
  • Target zero project delay with Deliverables-based Project Management
  • Protect company Intellectual Property (IP) through secure data package exchange with subcontractors
  • Accelerate NPI by providing easy data access and review capability to the shop floor


Download the Accelerated Device flyer here