WEBINAR: Springback Compensation for Sheet Metal & Plastic Part Tooling



If springback of sheet metal parts after stamping, or warping and shrinkage of plastic parts after injection molding, is a challenge in your manufacturing process, then like most companies you likely “just fix it on the shop floor”.  This approach causes considerable rework later when product changes need to be made as there is no direct correlation between the CAD model and the final product.


Springback Compensation for Sheet Metal & Plastic Part Tooling


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Many companies go so far as to create a tooling model that is essentially a redesign of the part to compensate for the manufacturing impact on the design.  However, manual methods being used to modify tooling to address deformations due to the manufacturing process, and control the quality of produced parts, are very labor intensive.  This can require days or weeks of additional design effort and try-outs.


Automatically Compensate for Manufacturing Impact on Design

Discover a 3D modeling tool that works with your existing CAD software and offers a cost-effective alternative. Reduce product development lead time and costs with the automatic creation of a tooling model that compensates for part springback or warping in the manufacturing process.


Achieve Right Part Tooling the First Time

See how users of this solution can create a compensated tooling model in just one click. Therefore, ensuring quality and manufacturability of sheet metal and plastic parts.

  • Drastically reduce the try-out phase
  • Ensure high-quality results
  • Eliminate or minimize manual finishing and tuning
  • Reduce overall tooling costs by 50%
  • Reduce CAD model rework by 80%


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