WEBINAR: Quick & Easy Simulation of Robotic Welding Processes



The creation of an efficient robotic welding process can be time consuming and costly without the proper tools. Simulation software helps evaluate and validate various part welding scenarios before time and money are spent on the build-out of robotic work cells and welding of trial assemblies.


QustomWeld Software


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Automate Welding Simulation Tasks

Watch this webinar on QustomWeld, an Abaqus software extension designed to interface directly into the Abaqus/CAE environment to simulate robotic welding processes in 2D or 3D. See a demonstration of the tool and learn how it automates the build of entire welding simulation models for one or more robots.


Achieve an Optimized Robotic Welding Process Faster

From simplified weld bead selection, automatic torch path normal calculation, and on-the-fly element insertion to smart default welding simulation options and output histories, QustomWeld enables users to quickly explore and validate many robotic welding scenarios to achieve an optimized process faster.


“We instantly loved the seamless integration with the Abaqus computational platform and its user-friendly experience for quick preparation of a weld modeling project. Using QWeld has grown fast in our group, and it is now our dominant package for weld modeling services.”

Majid Tanbakuei Kashani, MASC and EIT
Mechanical Engineer and FEM Specialist at SKC Engineering


Discover How QustomWeld:

  • Works with imported model geometry from 3rd party software or geometry built within Abaqus
  • Allows the selection of geometry regions and orphan meshes
  • Makes use of all the tools within Abaqus/CAE for meshing, applying loads and boundary conditions, film conditions and more
  • Automatically creates keywords not supported by Abaqus/CAE that are required for analysis and places them within the keyword editor
  • Simulates deposition weld moving torches as a Goldak double-ellipsoid or constant flux, bead welds as Goldak double-ellipsoid or conical flux


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