WEBINAR: Lightweight Engineering with CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE



Design Meets Simulation in the Continuous Journey for Lightweight Optimized Design

In today’s increasingly competitive market, product designers must push past conventional ways of working. Innovating one concept at a time is no longer a sustainable method. Furthermore, in industries where lightweighting is a crucial requirement, the use of lightweight technology and simulation methods has become indispensable. These approaches enable efficient product design optimization for enhanced performance, while also addressing the growing customer demand for reduced energy consumption and material requirements. CATIA’s 3DEXPERIENCE® is the right tool to get you to the next level.


Lightweight Engineering with CATIA


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Watch this webinar on lightweight engineering and learn about CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE technologies. Technologies that Boeing, Airbus and others are using to find the right balance in reducing weight, cost and material usage. They are doing all this while maintaining or increasing strength, stability and safety.


Functional Generative Design

CATIA Function-Driven Generative Designer enables non-specialists to automatically generate optimized conceptual parts from a functional specification at the push of a button. Functional specification for this science-based generative design approach also uses key performance indicators, such as minimize mass and maximize stiffness.

By varying inputs, designers are able to generate multiple part variations to compare and analyze. Then, manufacturing wizards help users detail design concepts based on the manufacturing process selected to produce the part: milling, casting, or additive manufacturing.


See CATIA Function-Driven Generative Design in Action!

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