WEBINAR:  Innovative Simulation-Driven Product Design



Product development in automotive, aerospace, trucks, trains and related areas today calls for highly integrated software tools and methods that capture fundamental requirements for body structures and seats, and provide an efficient platform to not only convert design ideas to 3D geometry but also enable performance validation of concepts. It calls for a concurrent CAD-CAE process to make simulation-driven design a reality.



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Innovate Faster with Simulation-Driven Conceptual Design

Watch this webinar on CATIA SFE CONCEPT and learn how industry leaders use this early phase simulation-driven design solution to accelerate the product development process of body structures and seats that meet ever-evolving market demands around weight reduction, safety, comfort and customization.


Discover how CATIA SFE CONCEPT can empower your CAD and CAE teams to quickly create conceptual geometry and concurrently assess functional performance to drive product design early in the development cycle.  The stand-alone CATIA SFE CONCEPT solution can be used with your current CAD and CAE tools to:

  • Create and modify implicitly parametric surface models quickly and efficiently
  • Create a ready-to-simulate FE mesh including the entire connectivity and load case definitions at a click of a button
  • Control analysis model parameters and create FE simulation decks for all required disciplines including crash, NVH and durability from a single geometry model
  • Evaluate functional performance for many design alternatives in short design cycles before investing in a detailed CAD process
  • Design concept analysis models support a high number of industry-standard FE solvers to assess vibrations, stiffness, crash safety and acoustics
  • Support a fully automated process integrating functional analysis and improvement with design variable functionality that allows the modifying of geometry and topology


High-Performance Science-Based Product Development

from Ideation to Innovation

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