WEBINAR: How Virtual Twins Enable Sustainable & Circular Manufacturing



Discover our virtual solution to creating more sustainable manufacturing operations

The environmental degradation inherent in the current global models of production and consumption have reached critical levels. To address this crisis, we need to radically transform these systems.

One tool to enable this shift in manufacturing and operations is the Virtual Twin, a real-time virtual representation of a product, platform or ecosystem that can be used to model, visualize, predict and provide feedback on properties and performance.


How Virtual Twins Enable Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing


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Virtual twins allow users to design, test and model disruptive value networks and manufacturing processes in record time — and they can be an accelerator for sustainability.


Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How virtual twins can help overcome barriers to achieving sustainability and circular economy goals
  • The economic and environmental benefits of adopting virtual twins in operations
  • The technology use cases and industry applications of virtual twins in manufacturing, supply chain optimization for waste valorization, the recovery of parts and materials for decommissioned assets and more


In this on-demand webinar from our strategic partner Dassault Systèmes, you’ll hear from senior experts on the potential of virtual twin technology to enable more sustainable manufacturing and operations and the transition towards a more circular economy.


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