WEBINAR: Extract Maximum Value from Your DELMIA MOM and APS



The Benefits of Combining DELMIA MOM and APS


The purpose of this webinar is to emphasize the benefits of combining Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) in a unified operation management solution, enabling seamless management of business activities from planning to execution.

By integrating DELMIA MOM and APS, companies can enhance their ability to adapt quickly and foster improved collaboration to handle unforeseen events effectively.

From the APS standpoint, having instant visualization of the shop floor facilitates rapid responses and allows for efficient planning based on constraints to optimize scheduling.

From a MOM perspective: an achievable realistic plan, ready to execute, aware of real constraints, like Machine and Human availability.




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By bringing the best-in-class advantages together, we can ensure:

  • Instant visualization of the shop floor
  • Synchronized planning and execution
  • Hot-scheduling capabilities
  • Digital continuity


Watch our webinar to see how Dassault Systèmes’ experts will highlight the value of both solutions, DELMIA MOM and AP,  and how this integration can maximize productivity.


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