WEBINAR: Desktop Industrial 3D Printing Redefined

Accelerate Innovation, Streamline Production and Increase Customer Satisfaction

You need to stay ahead of the competition by innovating faster, cutting costs, speeding up turnaround time, delivering better quality products, and providing superior customer service.  Additive manufacturing can help!


WEBINAR: Desktop Industrial 3D Printer Redefined


April 30, 2020   |   1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT



Easily and Safely Produce Durable Parts on a RIZE Desktop Industrial 3D Printer

Join us for a live webinar to discover how RIZE 3D printers redefine additive manufacturing by providing safe and easy desktop industrial 3D printing with the lowest cost of ownership and fastest time to fabricated part.

RIZE’s 3D printing solutions are purpose-built for safety, part strength, accuracy, and offer marking functionality for part authentication and traceability as well as material and finish options for application flexibility.  They do not require specialist knowledge or special venting to operate and maintain.  Part pre and post-processing is made simple with a one-touch operation.

Learn how using Augmented Polymer Deposition, RIZE’s unique and patented hybrid process of industrial material extrusion and material jetting, RIZE 3D printers produce functional thermoplastic and carbon composite parts at the point of consumption:


  • functional prototyping – innovate on design and pre-production parts and assemblies
  • tooling, jigs and fixtures – accelerate manufacturing operations with custom tooling, jigs and fixtures
  • on-demand service/end-use parts – minimize customer downtime while optimizing inventory to reduce costs
  • full-color parts – produce full-color prototypes and parts for a greater diversity of applications


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April 30, 2020   —   1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT



The Only UL 2904 Greenguard Certified Industrial 3D Printer

RIZE ONE is the first and only 3D printer to be certified for health and environment safety under the stringent UL2904 standards. This means that RIZE 3D printers belong next to you in your office or on the manufacturing floor, allowing for connected user experiences and delivering compressed design cycle time.


Next-Gen 3D Printing Platform

RIZE won a 2018 Frost & Sullivan award for “Best Practices in Technology Innovation in the Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing industry” and IDC named RIZE a “2018 Innovator in 3D Printing”.