WEBINAR: Applying Lean Principles with Effective Team Collaboration

Using Lean Principles to Guide Team Collaboration and Improve Performance



In this webinar, Adrian Wood, DELMIA Strategic Business Development Director, introduces the collaboration capabilities of DELMIA 3DLean for teams working in engineering and manufacturing environments.



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Lean operations are a result of empowering teams to connect and collaborate effectively. Regardless of department or role, all teams need to overcome the same challenges to achieve operational improvements:

  • How to put lean principles and behavior into action
  • How to connect teams regardless of physical or organizational barriers
  • How to visualize and leverage information effectively
  • How to provide structure and manage decisions and actions
  • How to guide teams to become problem solvers and innovators


DELMIA 3DLean is more than a meeting and collaboration tool. Anyone can go back to the virtual meeting board before or after the meeting and continue to contribute effectively to drive continuous improvement. By visualizing 3D content and data across design, manufacturing and operations, it helps teams analyze problems and understand the art of the possible.