WEBINAR: AI-Driven Parts Sourcing to Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency



Improve product design with AI-driven parts standardization

Watch our on-demand webinar that demonstrates how you can increase reuse of product parts and cut costs through artificial intelligence-driven parts standardization.


AI-Driven Parts Sourcing to Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency


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Leverage artificial intelligence for intelligent make-or-buy decisions


Explore how artificial intelligence for product parts sourcing helps procurement.


Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How to simplify decisions to reuse, purchase or design parts
  • That by standardizing parts and increasing their reuse, you can shorten design cycles by 70%
  • How to find the best part from qualified suppliers in one centralized place
  • That by using 3D-Similarity you can eliminate duplicates


In this on-demand webinar from our strategic partner Dassault Systèmes, you’ll hear about real-world customer case studies and see demonstrations on how to analyze parts spend and decide whether to reuse or design new components.


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