WEBINAR: Accelerate Product Design Using CATIA Knowledgeware



Increase design productivity and reduce errors by capturing company know-how & best practices in all design processes

Lengthy engineering changes are often the cause of delays and increased production costs. Product designs that continue to use physical prototypes are more prone to errors, delays, and increased costs. However, choosing a solution with built-in knowledge ensures your product conforms to various standards, helping you to work faster and design right the first time.


WEBINAR - Accelerate Product Design Using CATIA Knowledgeware


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This webinar explores the knowledgeware tools provided by CATIA V5 and CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE to accelerate your design processes. We will highlight and demonstrate different methods for decreasing design time while increasing quality and innovation.


Learn how you can capture design know-how and methodology to share best practices and avoid duplication of effort. CATIA knowledgeware tools can help you:

  • Accelerate repetitive design tasks
  • Explore more design variations in less time
  • Create product templates to empower design reuse
  • Ensure model compliancy with the adaptive application of standards and rules sets
  • Improve design quality by capturing and reusing resident expert knowledge


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