The Virtual Twin Experience: The New Competitive Edge for Aerospace & Defense



Leverage the virtual world to perfect real-world aerospace production and optimize operations

Aerospace & Defense companies face constant challenges from disruptions — disconnected supply chains, variability in demand, regulatory pressure, new manufacturing technologies, and internal silos that reduce efficiency.

The path to resilient future-proof operations relies on digital transformation that synchronizes virtual-world planning with real-world production: a critical, competitive capability that bridges the gap between engineering and production.


The Virtual Twin Experience The New Competitive Edge for Aerospace & Defense


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Execute flawlessly and deliver quality products on time. Collaborate through lean operational tools and optimize your value network. Identify and solve operational challenges. Respond with agility to produce at rate and meet customer demand.


Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How to prepare for the Next Normal, industry trends & challenges
  • The key values of the Virtual Twin Experience
  • To virtually validate plant or production line design
  • To improve the efficiency of manufacturing planning through product build-up visualization and assembly plan validation
  • How to optimize production while managing constraints


This on-demand webinar from our strategic partner Dassault Systèmes details the value of the Virtual Twin Experience for Aerospace & Defense. Gain insights on how critical solutions that leverage both virtual and real worlds can help shape your company for future success.


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