Move Beyond Spreadsheets to Visual Manufacturing Process Planning



Visualize, Validate & Document your Manufacturing Processes with 3D

The reality is that a lot of manufacturing process planning still relies on traditional alphanumeric spreadsheets. However, you just “can’t see” a spreadsheet and they aren’t exactly fast. They can also be an error-prone process that leads to rework, product delays, and additional costs.



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Watch this webinar to discover how manufacturing engineers and assembly planners can leverage CAD models from different authoring tools and convert spreadsheet process plans into 3D process models that can be shared across the enterprise.


Work with a faster, smoother, higher-quality process that allows design, manufacturing, and the shop floor to work seamlessly together. Learn how DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing tools for process planning can help you to:

  • Improve the efficiency of manufacturing plans with quick and easy assembly visualization using the power of 3D
  • Define, optimize, and validate manufacturing process plans without physical prototypes and resource investment
  • Get a clear visual understanding of the time and effort involved with each assembly step and resolve problems early in the planning phase
  • Achieve first time right – Quickly understand and implement engineering changes to accelerate new product introduction (NPI)
  • Generate shop floor documentation and 3D work instructions that shorten the learning curve for production workers


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