In-Person Seminar New Space Insights

New Space Revolution: Join the Movement!

Transition into the entrepreneurial space age—New Space—where strides made over the years are now expanding at an unprecedented pace, breaking free from government agencies’ exclusive domain. The commercial space industry, driven by private organizations, is making colossal advancements in tourism, exploration, and satellite technology.

LIVE New Space Insights Webinar May 29th and 30th 2024

Witness the disruption caused by innovative start-ups and SMEs, captivating investor imagination. Rapid innovation becomes the cornerstone, ensuring alignment with market demand and emphasizing the need to get it right from the outset.

Mega-Constellations: Revolutionizing with Small Satellites

Smallsats, weighing under 1,320 lb (600 kg), are pivotal contributors, representing three-quarters of the $348 billion in space activity revenues. The imminent constellations are poised to introduce 40,000 satellites into Low Earth Orbit, reshaping industry dynamics and ushering in new frontiers for innovation.

Exploration: From Vision to Reality

Private companies lead the charge in accessible space travel, igniting unprecedented investment. With suborbital flights and ambitious plans for lunar and Martian exploration, the industry propels towards new horizons, capturing imaginations and turning dreams into reality.

Rocketry & Satellite Design: Accelerating Innovation

The right business platform fuels satellite technology innovation. Shortened development times ensure successful launches, with collaboration, integration, and digital capabilities driving the industry forward.

Program Excellence: Optimizing Launch Success

The Program Excellence platform ensures more than timely deliveries; it enhances program management performance, fostering increased revenue and setting the stage for a future where launch success is the norm.  


Agenda  |  May 29th and 30th





7:15 –
8:00 AM
Check-in and Breakfast  
8:00 –
8:20 AM
Dassault Systèms Perspective on the New Space Economy and Unique Ability to Empower Success Across the Space Industry Lauren Cooper, Dassault Systèmes
8:30 –
8:50 AM
Introduction to 3DEXPERIENCE:  An end-to-end solution for the New Space industry Jason Curtis, Inceptra
8:50 –
9:35 AM
Demonstration: Model-based Systems Engineering with Cameo Jeremy Loveland, Inceptra
9:35 –
9:50 AM
9:50 –
10:50 AM
Demonstration: Electro-magnetic/RF Simulation with CST Dmitry Grudin, Inceptra
10:50 –
11:30 AM
Demonstration: MBOM, Production Planning, Work Instructions on 3DEXPERIENCE Jason Curtis, Inceptra
11:30 –
11:45 AM
Wrap up Bill Gratzek, Inceptra
11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Catered Lunch  


Join the New Space Revolution!

Explore, innovate, and be part of the New Space era reshaping the future. Whether startup, SME, or industry leader, find tools and solutions to propel your space endeavors. Join our in-person seminar to delve into the dynamic landscape, innovations, and investment opportunities shaping the New era—The cosmos awaits!

Start time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM MST

May 29th, 2024, OMNI Interlocken500 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield, CO 80021

May 30th, 2024, Great Wolf Lodge9494 Federal Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80921