eBook: Integrated Modeling & Simulation

Integrated Modeling and Simulation eBook

Seamless, Real-Time Engineering Accelerates Product Development

As customers demand products that cost less with more capabilities coupled with growing product complexity, companies see new technology as the way to compete. Innovators that provide a compelling and intuitive user experience have a competitive advantage. However, today’s product design process is at a breaking point. No longer can a company easily meet tight performance, quality, time-to-market, and budget constraints using legacy processes and tools. The disruptive capabilities of integrated modeling and simulation (MODSIM) change product design and engineering.

Engineers use digital continuity for improved product design, maintaining consistent data via the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. This fosters real-time collaboration, innovation, and a virtual twin experience in product development.

By experiencing the design early by embracing integrated modeling and simulation MODSIM, engineers can enable design and simulation analysts to:

  • Simulate product behavior during the earliest design phases
  • Integrate design and simulation to optimize product development
  • Utilize Finite Element Analysis for material development, such as composites, and
  • Deliver complex products faster at a higher quality and less cost

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Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) | Reduce Costs and Risks

Please reference the following figures for the reduce costs and risks you can anticipate by using a MODSIM approach.

1 and 2: show product development costs with the traditional design and simulation approach.

3: The orange line illustrates the cumulative cost throughout a product’s entire lifecycle when modeling is followed by simulation.

4: The blue line shows the cost with integrated modeling and simulation. MODSIM reduces production costs by shifting them earlier in development. Early simulation insights help engineers make better design choices, prevent issues, and improve quality while cutting expenses.

Today, modeling and simulation often operate independently, relying on separate and sometimes incompatible software tools. MODSIM increases productivity by allowing you to experience all aspects of your design by predicting a product’s behavior much earlier. Through the integration of simulation into the the initial stages of product development on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, engineers can now deliver the correct product faster and at a lower cost.


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