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Easy Collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud for Product Designers

Today’s increasingly complex engineering systems have placed higher demands on product engineers and designers as the need to collaborate and combine their individual technical expertise has become more essential. The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help engineers meet these rising product development challenges by delivering easy collaboration and accelerated innovation.

The on cloud delivery model of the platform, the SaaS/PaaS/IaaS alternative to the on premise model, makes it possible for teams of internal and external stakeholders to work anywhere they have internet access and at any time.

The core strength of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is its seamless integration of design, system engineering and analysis, manufacturing, and data management through a single unified data model that applies across its complete portfolio of applications. In addition to providing a secure environment of organic workflows between these different disciplines, on the cloud delivery of the platform benefits product designers by enabling them to:

Enjoy quick initial software setup and hassle-free automatic updates

Minimal effort is required for initial setup, which involves nothing more than clicking on a link allowing users to connect to their apps. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform installation is simple and automatically streamed from the cloud when the user first launches an app. In addition, automatic software updates allow designers to focus on what’s truly important – proceeding uninterrupted with their design and continued product development work. They can reap the benefits of updated software without needing to spend time managing these updates.

Perform social design

Team leaders and individual users can build web-based dashboards and customize them as desired to include a variety of web applications to manage projects, and track job tasks for example. The cloud-based platform also enables and tracks the sharing of ideas with fellow team members as well as other external users through online communities. Filtered data searching through 6WTags — an intelligent, structured, and fast tagging system for refining searches — allows for easy retrieval of project data.

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Easily manage user permissions

Platform administrators can easily invite other users and assign them the necessary privileges and relevant roles they need to perform their work. Contractors, external to the organization, can also be granted access. Giving the control to higher-level users within an organization means administration is no longer an IT dedicated task and can be shared by others with the same authority. This frees up resources and assigns decision making to those with direct supervision.

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Perform real-time concurrent engineering and design

Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, designers can collaborate while working from different locations, as they are no longer confined to a single office workspace. Parallel design work can be performed without a need to version or release data. Designers can also choose to dynamically update their design sessions to reflect concurrent changes being made by them and their extended team without needing to close their loaded designs. This absence of any disruption to the overall design process expedites product development and promotes easier decision making to yield a reduced design cycle time through less iterations and early delivery of the finished design with better maturity. Consequently, with less lifecycle iterations, there’s an overall reduction of released data in the database.

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Efficiently manage large datasets

The platform offers complete flexibility as to how a large assembly is accessed. Through data exploration, a lightened graphic representation of the assembly can be viewed before deciding what is loaded in a design state, and this selective loading of data minimizes consumption of computer memory to improve overall performance. This level of control is not just limited to assemblies but is extended to drawings as well, where large drawing views can be quickly defined and generated before updates.

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Analyze single update impact changes

True to the essence of 3DEXPERIENCE, the concept of flexible design continues in the Business Intelligence (B.I.) Essentials collection of analysis tools. Among them is the capability to examine the global assembly impact of single updates. Sequentially, the user can understand the impact of a given change and how it propagates through the dependent parts and assemblies. This convenient incremental analysis of design changes offers a more organized and logical approach to explore design alternatives.

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Maximize use of contextual design tools

Accelerated designs can be achieved using contextual design tools. These contextual options are presented to the users depending on their selection and are meant to lessen the time spent seeking individual commands resulting in an improved and highly efficient workflow.

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Gain versioning tools through embedded PLM

A lifecycle is inherently attached to any object created on the platform. As such, versioning and maturity state advancement tools can be accessed at any time within all applications regardless of discipline.

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Achieve faster processing of design changes and updates

3DEXPERIENCE design tools make effective use of multiple computer processors to significantly reduce computing time. By utilizing these multi-processors to perform the computations in parallel, less time is ultimately needed to generate or update math-heavy features and operations such as Boolean, complex surfaces, large assemblies and drawings, CNC toolpaths, and simulations.

Want to learn more?

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