Digital Twin on the Cloud

Digital Twin on the Cloud

Where we are in terms of use cases of Digital Twin by the engineering ecosystem

Digital twins are the next natural step in product development. They have the potential to offer valuable insight into the real-world performance of products and processes. 

Based on 250 answered, provides us an overview of how they are being used today. And as a result, how Cloud can help to move forward quickly.

In this report, you’ll also learn:

  • How different companies define them
  • The benefits that engineers expect
  • The main obstacles to digital twin adoption
  • And more…

Our partner Dassault Systèmes cares about market trends. Therefore, they collaborated with Asking over 250 engineers, designers, product managers and executives from SMBs how they’re using them today.

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How well do engineers understand the concept of digital twins?

30% of survey takers consider them to be a fully defined model. Able to simulate the full behavior of a product.
The next most common notion held by 17%, is that virtual twin is a model similar to a real product. That it receives the data from sensors on the real product.
12% of respondents simply define the digital twin as a 3D model. While another 10% don’t know what a virtual twin is at all. 

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