CATIA User Assessments – A Tool to Improve Skills and Team Performance

How can I effectively improve the skills of my CATIA users and increase my team’s performance? This desire for continuous improvement becomes critical when you experience inconsistent modeling practices and even model failures that significantly delay product development.

Identifying the best way to improve user skills can be a challenging question when a typical Engineering Design and Manufacturing team consists of people from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Some team members may have received formal training while others learned on the job. In most every case, all team members have various levels of CATIA skills. The key is to identify the specific topics where the skill level is lower in order to efficiently determine the optimal solution.


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The Inceptra CATIA User Skills Assessment was developed to measure the skills of each member of your team and identify the specific areas where improvements can be made. The Assessment can be customized to include specific CATIA/ENOVIA/SmarTeam topics in order to gather targeted and personalized metrics for your team. Because of this flexibility, it can also be used as a valuable part of the hiring process when evaluating candidates to add to your team.

The Assessment provides both individual and team results, allowing you to quickly and easily identify the most impactful areas for skills improvement. Based on the assessment results, you can create a strategy of focused and effective training for each user.


CATIA User Skills Assessment – Q&A