Breaking Down Silos Between Modeling and Simulation

Breaking Down Silos Between Modeling and Simulation

What is MODSIM?

Simulation-driven modeling and design (MODSIM) empowers your engineering, design and analyst teams to stay one step ahead by understanding and predicting product behavior as early as possible in the development process.

Product designers no longer have to wait for feedback until the design is complete. They can have their hypotheses, ideas, and design choices intermittently tested, and learn from them. This provides immediate insight into a modification’s impact on properties such as weight and energy consumption.

In practice, simulation-driven design offers several concrete advantages, including:

  • Shorter time-to-market – Design cycles are quicker than before, requiring fewer test runs and prototypes
  • Higher product quality – Constant feedback from simulations helps to optimize product designs
  • More innovative products – Product designers are given more room to experiment, which stimulates innovation. Engineers learn from the simulation

By championing MODSIM within your business and undergoing change management, you can break down the walls between disciplines and free-up analysts and designers to innovate in harmony. As a result, you can adopt a leaner design and engineering approach, which can revolutionize the productivity of teams, using one model can enable you to deliver the right product to market faster.

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