Beyond the Internet of Things

The Internet of Experiences will change the way the world operates

Such is the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), a wave of innovation in which billions of everyday objects – trash cans, lampposts, parking spots, traffic signals, roadways, hospital equipment, appliances, manufacturing lines, crops in the field and much, much more – are being equipped with sensors, processors and communication devices to share valuable data across the Internet and, in some cases, to act on it.

At its most basic level, the IoT offers an affordable means to understand and manage real-world things from a distance while giving some things – a thermostat, for example – the data and capabilities they need to manage themselves. As the people of Melbourne have shown, however, once the things in the IoT are connected and given a voice, they become more than just “things.” They become part of a living experience shaped by interactions among people, places and objects, among product, nature and life. They become contributors to what beckons just beyond the IoT: the Internet of Experiences.

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