Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Product Part Sourcing

Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Product Part Sourcing

Increase product design efficiency and lower costs with NETVIBES Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence solutions

One wrong or unavailable part can delay a product launch. Manufacturers have a steep price to pay — time, money and missed market opportunities — if they do not have a full view of parts sourcing and standardization possibilities to make the right decisions.

The answer to efficient product parts management lies in NETVIBES Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence solutions. Exclusively available on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. These solutions allow manufacturers to automate parts classification and it also increases collaboration between procurement and engineering which allows for a more informed decision-making.

One of the game-changing solutions is PartSupply on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. It enables manufacturers to add to in-house parts by accessing a comprehensive 3D catalog of qualified components from over 1,000 service providers. Once downloaded, 3D parts can be virtually tested to ensure compliance before placing an order.

As a result of providing swift AI-driven data insights, NETVIBES solutions also help manufacturers make smarter parts sourcing decisions. At the same time, they can increase efficiency while reducing risks, lowering costs and ultimately driving successful product design results.

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PartSupply in 5 Steps

Using PartSupply can save innumerable design and engineering hours. Also, this solution significantly reduces the upstream and downstream costs associated with the unnecessary creation of new parts. Here’s how you can benefit from PartSupply:

Access comprehensive catalogs of qualified supplier components any time, anywhere.

Filter parts by combining the power of semantic search and 3D shape similarities.

Compare configurations and analyze their technical characteristics and supplier locations.

Download the 3D model of your design environment and virtually test parts for fast validation and quality compliance.

Evaluate supplier location and contact the supplier directly to negotiate the pricing and place your order.


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