Getting to the Truth of Analysis

The “Simulation and You” White Paper Answers the Most Common Simulation Questions

The role of analysis in product development has changed and expanded. Simulation is now key to make informed engineering decisions, all along the design process.

Read the Dassault Systèmes “Simulation and You” white paper and get answers to the most common questions about the use of simulation in the product design process:

  • What is the optimal accuracy level for your analyses considering a cost-benefit equation?
  • Can simulation complement or replace prototyping?
  • Can analysis better inform decision making than experience?
  • What best practices should you adopt when using cloud-based simulation across your design process?

There are whole new parts of the development process where it can provide value.

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“I wanted to leverage the cloud, but I also needed some access to some legacy Abaqus capabilities, such as fracture mechanics, advanced material models. Engaging online really allowed me to come up with a solution that met both those needs: I can run a medium size model locally with licenses or I can use tokens and increase the number of calls or if I have really large jobs.”

Gregory Brown
Principal, Blue Ring Engineering LLC


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