Accelerate the Metal Finishing Masking Process

Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer spend countless hours trimming and applying masking tape by hand to get the fit you need? Not only is this process labor intensive, it can also lead to material gouging when cutting with knives, and there is no fool-proof way for quality checking. The Inceptra Masking Process Accelerator for CATIA enables you to produce automated masking template documentation directly from the CATIA model, maintaining model accuracy. This not only provides an incredibly precise paint edge, but also allows for high-end laser projection for masking application quality checking and will also speed up your overall process.

Masking 1

Inceptra Masking Process Accelerator

The Inceptra Masking Process Accelerator has an easy to use interface which ties into CATIA. Users are able to select the surfaces which they would like to mask. A flat pattern is then automatically created (ensuring accurate templates) and documentation is produced. Not only does it retain model accuracy, but it also incorporates OEM model based definition information. The created flat pattern drawing can then be sent directly to a vinyl plotter for a wide range of materials available for masking in different types of coating processes.

Masking 2

Increase Part Quality & Rate

With the Inceptra Masking Process Accelerator, we are able to deliver a masking process that drastically reduces the time to get your products to market, thereby reducing labor costs. By developing, creating and implementing a tool which accelerates the masking process for metal finishing, Inceptra has helped our customers benefit from improved throughput, reduced waste and rework, improved quality and growth in revenue. Since the Masking Process Accelerator allows masks to be developed and kitted ahead of time, they are immediately available for application on the part exactly when they are needed, eliminating unnecessary idle time while products sit in queue.

Production Benefits

  • Speed to production – save time and money
  • Quality improvements, with more accurate repeatability by eliminating the variability from hand applied masking
  • Use CATIA V5 to create accurate flat patterns
  • Print directly to vinyl plotters
  • High-end laser projection for quality checking
  • Increased throughput with lower skilled labor
  • Allows you to focus on core operations with consistent production rates

See the video below for an overview of the Inceptra Masking Process Accelerator:

Article compiled courtesy of Kevin Pardais
Application Engineer