A Resilient Ecosystem of Qualified Component Suppliers at Your Fingertips

A Resilient Ecosystem of Qualified Component Suppliers at Your Fingertips

PartSupply on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

Responding to customers’ desire to streamline collaboration and innovation processes, Dassault Systèmes launched the 3DEXPERIENCE® Marketplace, an online ecosystem for design, engineering and manufacturing transactions to help business innovators leverage new ways to collaborate and transact with other industrials and service providers.

PartSupply makes comparative data available on tens of millions of catalogued parts from more than 1,000 suppliers. Users can search to evaluate technical characteristics, performance and quality, test the 3D part in their assembly, and quickly secure vendors nearby who are able to deliver. Enhance the Procurement/Engineering relationship by empowering designers with content aligned with sourcing guidelines.

Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform help companies justify their decisions to make, reuse or buy product parts. With an artificial intelligence backbone leveraging the proven Web semantics, analytics, mashup, and indexing technologies of NETVIBES, the applications locate information from multiple sources and make it available instantly.

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Find the best part at the best price for every project. PartSupply on 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace empowers engineers, designers and procurement leaders to define a custom catalog of sourceable components, using in-house parts or 700+ preferred suppliers. Through the power of AI, semantic search, and 3D analysis, users can immediately find any part, configure it, source it and insert it directly into your CATIA or SOLIDWORKS design environment with one click.

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