Multi-Axis Surface Machining – MME

It is essential to quickly and truthfully respond to customer’s needs in today’s global environment. Therefore, companies need to produce parts quicker and optimize machine tool usage, while producing finished parts with the highest quality.


The CATIA – Multi-axis Surface Machining option delivers high-end prismatic up to multi-axis surface strategies for productive complex machining with best-in-class quality results. NC programmers benefit from full associativity with CATIA design parts, and powerful machining automation capabilities to drastically reduce NC programming and machining time.


Included Modules

  • Multi-Axis Surf. Mach. 2
  • 3-Axis Surface Machining 2
  • Prismatic Machining Prep. Assist. 2
  • Prismatic Machining 2
  • NC Manufacturing Review 2
  • Generative Shape Design 1
  • Shape Scuptor 2


Training Course – Numberical Control Manufacturing