CATIA Numerical Control Manufacturing

Upon completion of this course students will gain an understanding of how to utilize CATIA V5 manufacturing workbenches to create 2.5 through 5 axis tool paths utilizing solid, prismatic, and surface machining operations.

$2,125 / Student
5 Days
CATIA V5 Fundamentals

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Topics Covered

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Overview of tools specific to the Prismatic, Surface, Advanced Part Machining and Multi-Axis (optional) Workbenches.
  • How to setup and create 2.5-5 axis machining operations including macros, auto sequencing, and tool path verification & simulation.
  • How to generate output using the integrated post processor.
  • How to import CATIA V4 data (optional)
  • How to create prismatic machining areas and rework areas.
  • 5-Axis machining operations (as requested by students).
  • Advanced Part Machining operations including: Multi-Axis Flank Contouring and Cavity Roughing operations.



  • NC Review
  • Introduction: Workbench Presentation
  • Creating a Part Operation
  • Importing Files
  • Tool Path Simulation and Verification
  • Generating Outputs (APT Source – NC Code – HTML document)
  • Tool Management
  • Axial Operations
  • Generating Auxiliary Operations in Part Operations
  • Managing Design Changes
  • Transition Paths (macros)
  • Creating a Machining Feature
  • Geometrical Zones
  • Machining/Slope Area Creation
  • Rework Area Creation
  • Offset Group Creation
  • Creating 3-Axis Surface Machining Operations
  • Roughing Operations
  • Sweeping Operations
  • Pencil Operations
  • Contour-driven Operations
  • Spiral Milling Operations
  • Profile Contouring Operations
  • Multi-Axis Operations (as requested by students)
    • Multi-Axis Sweeping
    • Multi-Axis Contour Driven
    • Multi-Axis Curve Machining
    • Multi-Axis Isoparametric Machining
    • Multi-Axis Drilling
    • Multi-Axis Tube Machining
  • Flank Contouring Operations
  • Cavity Roughing operations

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