Reqtify is an easy to use interactive application for managing requirement, traceability and impact analysis across different systems, programs and project levels across the entire hardware and software development lifecycle

Reqtify delivers added value by being the most effective solution to link development and verification processes with requirements, wherever they come from. It helps keep project teams focused on their implementation and verification work, for maximum efficiency in developing complex embedded systems.

Reqtify offers a comprehensive list of interfaces to multiple systems engineering tools. Reqtify can capture data from any source (file, database) of any vendor in a wide variety of data and file formats. It is an open and extendible platform and has interfaces to more than 60 common systems engineering tools. Reqtify also enables organizations to effectively manage their requirements engineering process and to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO61508, ISO26262, Spice, DO178C,DO254, FDA, GAMP, CMMI and more.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Capture of requirements at any level
  • Intuitive, quick and easy requirement capture from Word or PDF documents
  • Coverage analysis and traceability
  • Management of requirement changes and lifecycle information
  • Upstream and downstream impact analysis for regression risk management

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