Manufacturing Process Intelligence

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Achieve Real-time Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Global competition and increasingly complex supply chain operations place enormous pressure to improve efficiency, accelerate throughput, and increase quality for a lower total cost. Enterprise manufacturing intelligence solutions help achieve these objectives, resulting in greater visibility and increased manufacturing excellence across globally distributed operations.

DELMIA Apriso delivers this capability with DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI), a DELMIA Apriso application that ensures enterprise manufacturing intelligence is readily available to enable faster decision support.

Improve Visibility, Synchronization and Control

Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) gives you broad, real-time visibility to shorten cycle time, reduce scrap and rework, increase quality, and achieve better schedule adherence. MPI is pre-configured to work with Microsoft Excel and can be accessed by other popular 3rd party applications.A new generation of self-service reporting tools were designed to evolve with DELMIA Apriso roles, further expanding MPI’s capabilities. MPI identifies costly bottlenecks or constraints to accelerate decisions that can maximize efficiency, reduce inventory and lower costs.

Delivered as a completely integrated DELMIA Apriso solution for enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence or as an enhancement to an existing manufacturing execution system (MES), MPI dramatically reduces the time and cost of collecting and aggregating operational data.It provides a global view for plant supervisors, production engineers, and analysts with KPIs derived from manufacturing data. Furthermore, MPI Intelligence Packs complement this solution through pre-configured analytics, dashboards and reports.

Manufacturing Process Intelligence key benefits:

  • Improve Performance on a Global Scale
  • Increase Agility and Responsiveness
  • Compare performance across sites

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