Simulating the Virtual Twin for Validating PCBs

Simulating the Virtual Twin

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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an integral part of modern electronics. To ensure their functionality, designers and engineers need to validate both signal and power integrity as well as thermal management. Validation of PCBs can be made possible with the Virtual Twin. Simulations extend to ECAD/MCAD systems as well as EMC/EMI assessments. The increasing complexity of PCB development requires an efficient collaboration of different teams and experts.

Due to the complexity of modern PCBs, performing manual checks is often not feasible. Dassault Systémes offers a PCB design rules-checker (CST boardcheck) that can perform an automatized check. The checking criteria include preset rules that the user can further customize.

Another important point to verify is the power integrity of the PCB. This requires the power delivery network (PDN) to supply a constant current to active devices on the board (e.g., chip), even at very high switching frequencies. Furthermore, the PDN is responsible for providing a constant reference for active devices. It also should not produce unwanted emissions. CST PCB Studio offers tools to tackle all these tasks.

The 3DEXPERIENCE© platform from Dassault Systémes is the perfect platform for this collaboration because it enables everyone to work on the same model in real time and it offers end-to-end visibility for all team members to exchange components and information in a managed environment with traceability.

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Simulating the Virtual Twin

The complexity of PCBs is increasing. The number of
components is growing, while the space to place these components is shrinking. Dassault Systèmes offers validating PCBs with the Virtual Twin as the solution.

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